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04 August 2013

I was planning to write a little summary of last weekend DataKind’s DataDive. But now that some of the best journalists already published theirs (The Economist, The Guardian), I will limit myself to some more personal notes!

A DataDive is a weekend event organised by DataKind (and DataKind UK) where social organisations with data problems - but no internal resources to tackle them - meet data professionals ready to help by giving some of their spare time.

datadive's participants

Here are some of my feelings a week after the event.


It has been highly inspirational to witness the energy and enthusiasm of the DataKind (and DataKindUK) team. Those people are highly skilled professionals spending their weekends (and more) working for a good cause.


All the people I met over the weekend are experts in their fields. They know a lot, they are highly efficient (check what has been produced in a weekend!) and they are approachable and happy to share their knowledge. No one was playing the individual card and everyone was seriously trying to produce the best possible results for the projects.

Coming out of that experience, I felt energised. It motivated me to further develop my technical skills and to use them wherever and whenever I can help.


Talking to great people, receiving the organisations’ feedbacks, being part of all the positive things happening there felt great. An “amazing” experience as a certain organiser would put it!

I am proud of having been part of that event and I hope to be there for the next one with more skills to bring to the community.

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